5 Reasons Why You Should Podcast

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I recently started podcasting. If you’re a content creator, however, you might want to get to know podcasts a little bit better. However, podcasts aren’t just for content creator. They are also a great opportunity for professionals of all kinds to gain exposure. If someone invites you to podcast, you might just want to say yes. Here are a few reasons why podcasting is always a good idea.

Today, 1 in 4 Americans have listened to a podcast. Meanwhile, as many as 15% of Americans watch one podcast a week. There’s a huge audience for podcasts. Content creators are going to want to crack into that audience as soon as possible. It gives them a chance to gain exposure to many people who might not be as likely to read a blog post or watch a video. Some people just prefer to listen in than to log in. For internet personalities or professionals looking for new gigs or business, this means potentially getting exposed to new and exciting opportunities.

Podcasts aren’t only great to gain exposure — they help grow your brand. Establish yourself as a thought leader, influencer, or just a nice guy/gal. Podcasts give you a real personal way to connect with website visitors or social media followers. You can also send nice snippets to people, or share clips where you are a guest speaker on podcasts, as a form of introduction.

Podcasting is also a great way to meet new people. Either by being hosted on someone’s podcast, or hosting them yourself, podcasting is a great way to break out of your shell, establish new business ties, and even meet interesting new people. One of the key elements of the podcast is the interview. By interviewing movers and shakers, you can build lasting ties while also tapping into one-another’s audiences.

In a world of Tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook Memes, the podcast ensures the integrity of content. Why? Because it’s a platform where long form content is rewarded. In fact, very few people will only listen to the very beginning of your podcast. This is entirely contrary to platforms like YouTube, where most will only watch the very first few seconds of your video. When it comes to podcasts, as many as 80% of listeners will actually listen to most of or even the entire thing.

You don’t need a super powerful camera, expensive editing software, and a crew to produce incredibly high quality podcasts. In fact, all you need is a good okay mic and a computer. You can host your podcasts for free on sites like SoundCloud. YouTube is also a great place to put your podcasts. Even if you don’t film your podcasts, a lot of people will listen to content on YouTube even if it doesn’t have any video along with it.

Have you heard enough? Podcasting is an incredible way to make new friends and open new opportunities. It’s affordable, effective, and fun. Plus, it’s a great way to tap into longer-form content that matters. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start podcasting!

Originally published at https://www.josephwriteranderson.com on February 20, 2020.

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Content Guru in Chief of www.josephwriteranderson.com

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