There’s no denying that objects are granted with great power in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Wether evil, good or neutral, these are the 10 most magically potent objects in the Wizarding World.

10. The Mirror of Erised

Powerful in its ability to affect the mind, the Mirror of Erised of course shows you your heart’s greatest desire. In this way, the mirror is sort of like a Bogart but in reverse. Although this power might seem relatively harmless at first, as Dumbledore says, many have wasted their lives staring into the mirror.

It’s funny because in a lot of ways, the mirror is…

And what to do about them

You can’t blog anymore and stand out. Blogging is a mistake — that’s what people say. There are too many blogs out there. What? You think you’re going to make it big by blogging about your life? Don’t even try. Unfortunately, if you are listening to this kind of nonsense, then you are already making one of the five biggest mistakes that bloggers make.

Mistake Bloggers Make #1 — Listening to the Naysayers

In a world of proliferating content, there are plenty of new avenues to entertain, educate and inspire. If you are a good writer, understand digital marketing, and are willing to put in the hard work it…

If you’ve seen History Channel’s Vikings, then you might think you have a pretty good idea for who the toughest Vikings to ever live were.

However, Vikings the show is horribly historically inaccurate.

So just who were the toughest Vikings to ever live?

10. Thorkell the Tall

Member and leader of the legendary Jomsvikings, Thorkell was a powerful Viking Chief and a very influential one, largely thanks to the role he played in raising Cnut — the eventual king of England, Denmark and Norway. One of Thorkell’s most notable battles includes his involvement in the Siege of Canterbury that took place in 1011, alongside…

Power is important in The Lord of the Rings. The One Ring is also called “The Ring of Power”, after all. But how do the different beings rank in regards to power?

For the really hardcore LOTR fans out there, you may be a little unhappy that this list focuses entirely on the cast of characters found primarily in the LOTR trilogy, not so much those present in the Silmarillion.

Of course, the world of Tolkien is expansive, filled with beings throughout its history that would topple any character on this list.

But for the sake of most of the…

The way we do business and get jobs has changed. In college, someone told me “if you aren’t on LinkedIn, you don’t exist.” In the past, the only thing someone knew about you when you applied for a job was what you said on your resume, and what they could gleam from you from your references. Now, the hiring process is anything but simple. Before you are even offered a job, employers look at your Facebook, your Twitter, your LinkedIn, and your website (if you have one). So what do you do? Do you do what many people do and…

#1 Thing More Valuable Than Money — Time

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. — Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.

No matter what you do, you can never get more time. Yet, you still need money. In order to get money, it will take some considerable amount of time. But how much time are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals? Ultimately, we cannot control time. After all, time waits for no man. We can make the most out of our time, however. …

is the best selling book series of all time. But in a series of great books, which one reigns supreme? Checkout this list of Harry Potter books ranked from worst to best. Comment below if you agree!

#7 Book 2: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Secrets is probably the least important book in the series over all. It’s still a good book, but it suffers from a somewhat bland plot, as well as a large section of the book without Hermione. And we all know things just aren’t the same when Hermione isn’t around. Also, apparently Secrets went through a relatively complex editing process, and Rowling herself struggled…

Slowly, over the years, it happens to even the best of us. Our imaginations start to slip. Bogged down with our daily obligations, we forget the days we spent in our childhoods playing through lost worlds. But there’s a reason you shouldn’t let your imagination go, and a few simple steps to keep it sharp.

Do Something You Liked to Do as a Kid, Everyday

As we get older, and responsibilities pile up, it can get all too easy to never do things we like to do for ourselves. One way to overcome this inherent problem is to simply make a point of doing one thing that you liked to…

10. The Karate Kid

Although this one’s about a kid, the journey of self discovery Danny LaRusso goes through is one that we can all learn from. All of us go through tough times — maybe it’s not always going to a new school, but instead finding that new job, moving to a new town, or just going through a life change. The Karate Kid shows how important learning a new skill, and finding a great mentor, is to finding self confidence and winning your own battles as they come up.

9. The Lord of the Rings

One of the greatest movies of all time, the Lord of the Rings

Getting into Netflix is just one of those things that sort of happens. Either you go the subscription, or like me you just got added to someone else’s account and used it like a leach. However it happened, by now I bet you’ve gotten pretty used to having access to lots of streaming content whenever you want it. If you’re like me, you’ve also probably spent more time browsing through possible choices than you’ve actually spent streaming content. Well, here’s a revolutionary idea — why not try canceling your Netflix?

My Netflix Got Canceled in 2020 — It Was One of the Best Things to Happen to Me

Despite being a grown man, married with a house, I…

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