How to Work with Your Podcast Co-Host

What a successful creative relationship looks like

Joseph Anderson
5 min readApr 28, 2020


Podcasting is fun. But it’s even more fun when you do it together. Having a co-host, or multiple co-hosts even, can help spice up your audio. Chemistry, multiple viewpoints, different backgrounds and strengths can all add together for an enriching auditory experience. However, creating a successful creative partnership is anything but easy. Finding that shared vision, creative chemistry, and singularness of mind is not something that happens every day.

My advice — if you find it, hold onto it.

Still, even once found, it takes time and dedication to foster your relationship with your co-host and come up with a good work routine. Regardless of where you are on your podcasting journey, here’s my advice for finding and maintaining an excellent creative partnership.

First, a Little Back Story

I’ve been a content creator for many years, and a writer for half of my life. Although I’ve known about podcasting for a while (the first one I ever listened to I think was the Harry Potter Podcast by Pottermore), I never thought it would be something that I’d get into. That all changed when, just over a year ago now, I was invited to speak on the British Broadcasting Channel about social media. It was fun, the people on the show were great, but most importantly for me, listeners thought I did an awesome job. I go the idea in my head then and there that it would be fun to create some audio content myself. That didn’t come into fruition, however, until later that year, when I made three audio recordings about the topic. I uploaded those to YouTube and called it a day.

The Inception of a Show

One of the initial episodes I produced was with my friend and Actress, Sarah Avila (you can find her on Instagram). We talked about her life as an actress and what it was like co-starring on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. After that, I got busy with other things (like traveling to London and Paris, for example). It wasn’t until sometime in late January that I started kicking the idea around again to do a show. I talked to Sarah about it, and she said that she’d be down for doing something once a week. My wife encouraged me to…