Considering Becoming a Content Creator in 2021? Statistics Say You Should

Content Creation is Hot. But What Is It?

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Who says they want to be a content creator when they grow up?

Maybe kids have changed since when I was one. Or maybe you grew up with more forward thinking children than I. When I asked kids what they wanted to be (or when I was asked for that matter) I would have said something like “oh, I want to be writer” or a scientist, or an astronaut. Because of the influence of businessmen and entrepreneurs, a lot of kids today want to grow up to have their own business. Still, not many kids say they want to be a content creator. It’s just not that common.

This is probably just as well.

It’s good for people to get a good grounding in their creative niche before they become content creators. Perhaps they dream of being the next Martin Scorsese, Ryan Reynolds, or William Shakespeare. The point is, it takes talent to become a content creator. So let young people grow into that talent in their own niche before applying that skill to the world of content.

Why It Pays to Be a Content Writer

Perhaps this is the reason nobody says they want to be a content creator in their eighth grade class –there is no sure, clear path to becoming one. Why is this?

It’s because content creation is an art. Sure, like any other form of art there are a lot of business skills involved (even an author has to be able to sell a book, make marketing decisions etc). However, it is still at its base an art –just a highly profitable art. That’s why there’s no clear path to becoming a content creator. A large amount of the difficulty in becoming one is the path to getting there.

It’s not like you can just go to school, get a degree in it, and then go get a job in it, the way you can in nursing or in engineering. These are the “good jobs” your parents tell you to go get. But I want to tell you a few reasons why you should really reconsider becoming a content creator. Even though it means more competition for me. That’s okay. Because I know that only the really hardened creatives will take me up on this wisdom and follow through with what it takes to make it. Read on…

The In demand Jobs are Not What You Think

So you want to move to sunny California. You want to wake up and go for a run down to the Golden Gate Bridge, breathe in that fresh air that smells like innovation. What job should you study for? Surprisingly, it’s not necessarily that job in the hard sciences. In fact, among the top jobs in demand right now, more than half of them ARE NOT IN TECHNICAL FIELDS.

Mind blowing –I know. But if you were to click the link above and scroll all the way to the bottom of the article, you would see that among the top skills that are most desired even in SAN FRANCISCO are skills like Oral Communication, Social Media, Graphic Design and the like.

So –still thinking of pursuing that career in healthcare? Maybe think again. In San Francisco, at least, there’s actually a surplus of healthcare professionals!

Content Creation is Integral to Social Media

Just for starters, and if you don’t believe me that content creation is a key and valuable skill in today’s market, take a look at social media. Everything on Social is content. In fact, it is in part thanks to social media that content creators have the amazing role to play–and why it has become a real and viable option as a career not only for influencers, but for folks who work behind the scenes.

You already know how important social media is. I remember looking at social media books when I was in high school. Back then they were talking about how social media was the next big thing. Today, it IS the big thing. It has changed our society, it changed the way brands interact with their customers, and how customers interact with brands. It informs decisions, changes the course of politics and beyond.

Social Media is the forum of today –it’s the place where content producers are the most needed, and where they can have the biggest impact.

If you don’t believe me, read these staggering statistics about social media.

What Kind of Content Creator Are You?

When it comes to content creation, I see two broad categories, and maybe a third, smaller category. This is the exciting stuff.

  1. The Entertainer

These are the people you watch already. They are the people who play with cups and get hundreds of thousands or millions of views. You might be one of them, on a smaller scale, even. But these people create and love to create, and are the subject of what they create. They are the product.

2. The Promoter

This is probably an even bigger category of content creators –they are the ones you don’t even see. You don’t know that they create the content that you consume every day because their speciality is in making other people or brands look good. They are creative mercenaries, working for whoever offers the most.

The third section I say is a smaller section because these are the people who are more working on the operations side of things. Content is not really in their blood –it’s a job, and they might transfer to another career field some day.

And then there is one more category: the masterminds. These select group of highly capable people are able not only to create amazing content (and do so regularly) but they are able to tell others, or implement themselves, an effective content strategy that incorporates what they have created to make a difference, whether it be in people’s lives, or in the well being of a business. These can be either, neither or both of the two main types mentioned above.

Which are you? It’s okay if you don’t know. Maybe you are just starting out. Maybe you are making a career change and are thinking about content creation. Either way, it doesn’t really matter what kind of content creation you do. You can find work, as long as you put effort into your craft.

So, considering becoming a content creator in 2020? There are a lot of reasons why you might be. And unless social media changes, there will be a need for content creators of all different kinds across many industries in the years to come.

The Rise of Video in Content Creation

I think when people talk about Content Creators, they often think of writers. Because of the term “content writing” and “content marketing.” Content marketing is something 92% of businesses are now doing. But what everyone is saying is the next big thing in content is not actually writing. It’s VIDEO.

Okay, let them say what they want, Video is cool. I’m fine with that. But it is still a form of content creation, and whether you are a video aficionado or not, chances are your skills and talents can easily transfer over to that medium. Video still requires writers and idea people –it’s not just about knowing how to use a camera, or edit a video in post production.

The point is, no matter what kind of content creator you are, you can make it happen, and have an impact on your own personal brand, and your company’s brand.

And why not do both? I’m a big believer in pursuing your own personal brand at the same time as making your employer’s brand look as good as possible, too.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there’s a big difference between writing content on somebody’s blog somewhere and creating content that has an impact, and content that you can draw a living from.

Explore some of the blogs listed below to get a better idea at where you can start your own journey to become a content creator.

Hope this helps, and reach out to me on social media for any questions you might have on how to make it as a content creator in 2020.

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