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Time flies by. Life brings a lot with it. Would you do it again if you knew how hard it would be?

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Pebble Beach


I was reading about Mark Twain’s adventures in the west when I was twenty-one. I couldn’t wait to go back to California to have my next big adventure. And I was hell bent on finding what that adventure was going to be –applying to every internship I could find. Someone told me that if you’re likely to get a job after college, it’ll only be because you had an internship. I don’t know if I’d agree with what that someone said given what I know now. And that internship, while it did teach me something, didn’t help much in getting me any sort of employment after graduating. The only thing that got me employment was tenacity on my part. Nobody cared that the summer between my junior and senior year was spent somewhere halfway between my job managing the local aquatics center and in a Victorian house in San Francisco writing magazine articles for a womens’ fashion magazine.


The school year did eventually end and I passed Spanish (okay, the teacher cut me some slack). And I still didn’t have any idea about what I was actually going to be doing for a job once I was married. I didn’t know where in the country we would go. Presumably, it wouldn’t be home in the Bay Area. The Bay Area was too competitive, too expensive, and I’d been away too long at this point to have any real connections there any longer.

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Palo Alto –the day I interviewed for what turned out to be my first job.
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Us at Pebble Beach.

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