“You Need to Calm Down” — It still pays to get good at something

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In a digital world, it’s easy to assume that the fastest way to success has nothing to do with that age-old thing that our grandparents used to talk about — work ethic. Surely in an existence where toddlers are the highest paid YouTubers, kids dream of becoming internet famous instead of doctors, and people consistently fail upwards instead of down, it’s getting easer and easier to think that the stairway to fame and riches is paved with internet shares and follows.

Hold on. Slow down. There’s still a case for getting really good at something.

Influencers are a speculative bubble

You don’t need to be a pop culture scholar or a trendy millennial with 24/7 internet access available at the touch of your fingers to know that influencers are all the rage right now. They come in various different names, shapes and sizes. And everybody who has a social media profile (other than Facebook because lets face it…) wants to get more followers. A lot of people these days dream about becoming internet famous because it seems so incredibly easy. But there’s a problem wit this mentality.

In reality, getting internet famous has become so astronomically impossible that you might as well try and get real famous. How many of us thought becoming an A list Hollywood actor was a good idea once we left adolescence?

I hate to break it to you, but the chance that you are going to make it big producing low quality gag videos is pretty slim.

There’s a big gap nobody sees

As always, everyone’s captivated by the flashy, obnoxiously loud internet noise that’s taken center stage. There’s a reason, after all, that today most high schoolers want to be YouTubers, not doctors lawyers or teachers. Remember how back in our day kids actually wanted to be something other than a tech CEO or a social media influencer? Those days are long gone, my friend.

Meanwhile, young people are missing the mark because of one thing. The real way to get successful in life has not changed.

Sure, new technological innovation has changed many aspects of life and work. But they have not gotten rid of this one fundamental reality.

Hard work is king

There is absolutely no skipping it. If you want to get anywhere in life today, you need to work harder than ever before. Competition has skyrocketed. But with the changing economy, highly skilled people are more needed now than ever.

It’s not actors that are needed. It’s not models or more YouTubers or social media influencers. Everyday, all around you, there’s a very real skills gap that is only going to grow as we head into the 2020s towards a brave new world. We don’t have all the highly skilled individuals that we need.

Meanwhile, while companies, businesses, politicians and tech CEOs around the world are scratching their heads wondering where all the talent has gone, you’re scrolling through Instagram filters to post that hella lit new story.

Stop spending your time trying to figure out the perfect social media post.

Start practicing, grinding, and working at that thing you do better than anyone else. Because that’s what’s going to lead you into the future. Not staying on the nebulous Instagram “algorithm.”

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Content Guru in Chief of www.josephwriteranderson.com

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